Enough Factor Podcast

S2-E05: The Power of Love: From Heartbreak To Transcendence

April 26, 2020

From the moment of my heartbreak, my relationship with Love changed.  It went from something that I welcomed with ease to something I no longer trusted.  Love, in my mind, had failed me. 

Heartbreak changes you.  There is no avoiding it.  You will never be the same.

Yet, while you can't go back and do Love over, Suzette makes the case that Love never fails.  It breaks you open to an experience of you greater than you would have experienced otherwise. 

That's the work of Love. 

Listen as Host, Suzette Vearnon takes you from heartbreak to transcendence by revealing what Love is and how intentional it is to help you ascend to your exceptional self.  You'll learn that:

  • Love does love you
  • Love helps you surpass the ordinary and gives you access to the exceptional
  • Love invites us to transcendence with every life experience

She talks about how to align yourself with love to foster a positive relationship with it.  In fact, she highlights an aha moment that changed the trajectory of her relationships - taking her from relationship fails to finding her lifetime partner.

If you are still reeling from a heartbreak or struggling in your current relationship, this episode will usher you into a greater understanding of what love is and its true work in your life.



During this coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, she will be offering coaching sessions on a sliding fee scale.  So if you need someone to talk with who will not judge you but will be a source of encouragement and a reminder that who you are, whose you are and why you are is more than enough to overcome  your current circumstances, here's how to get in contact with her:

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