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S2-E18: The Sex Talk You Are Not Having But Need To

July 12, 2020

Hold on to your wig and clutch your pearls.  Coach Steph is in the house!  Our riveting conversation about sex and health is that long overdue conversation that we need to have with our sexual partners and committed relationships that very few people have.  Says Steph, “We do sex but don’t talk about it.”  Sexual ignorance is a real issue.  And it doesn’t mean you aren’t having sex, it means men and women don’t talk about what’s really going on with their bodies, their minds, and how it affects intimacy.

So, pull up your chair as we have the talk.  The real talk.  

Coach Steph and I unpack:

  • Sexual trauma, sexual ignorance, and the sexual isolation
  • The realities of sex post marriage
  • 50 Shades of Gray and why it is not sustainable
  • Being emotionally equip to be in a relationship
  • The real role of a relationship

…and much more.  The nuggets are too numerous to name!!

Featured in national and international media outlets, including FOX, CBS, Black Life Coaches.net, eHarmony, HowAboutWe.com. GalTime.com, Shape Magazine, Singles Warehouse, Women’s Day, WVON Chicago, Yahoo, and Your Tango, to name a few. Stephanie is both a dynamic and effective agent of transformation and shift starter with corporate and individual clients from all walks of life. 

As a certified coach, intuitive healer, and lifestyle educator Stephanie is best known for empowering the overwhelmed and undervalued to heal from mental and spiritual blocks so they can show up powerfully, live abundantly and be their own superhero.

Coach Steph believes that wholeness is our birthright.  That includes sex.




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