Enough Factor Podcast

S2-E23: From Suffering For Love to Growing In Love

August 16, 2020

I’ve had my share of suffering for love, suffering in love, and suffering through love and I gotta tell you, there is nothing redeeming about it.  In this episode, I am forthcoming about finding love and getting married later in life:

  • The euphoria of it all and the realities of love after it clears.

  • The thinking you in love and the realization that you’ve been in love with an ideal, a fantasy of love, that you’ve looked for someone to be willing in help you preserve it.
  • That realization typifies the real journey to whether you will surrender the fantasy for real love or surrender real love for the fantasy.

My mission isn’t to talk you out of it.  Not at all.  My mission, along with that of the podcast, is to amplify your voice, your value and your vision, 3 critical factors enoughness, so you can experience love and life in a brand new way. 

With the focus on YOUR VOICE, I discuss the myths and misinformation about love and what you believe about yourself that silences your voice. 



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