Enough Factor Podcast

S1-E24: Nothing To Prove, Everything To Be

August 25, 2019

Do you feel compelled to defend yourself when you feel you've been done wrong?  When you enter a new situation, do you feel you need to prove yourself?  In this, her 24th episode, Suzette concludes Season One with an honest examination of what motivates our responses.

Sharing from her own experience, Suzette raises the most important question:  WHO ARE YOU?  Not the you who feels threatened or the you who feels he or she has  something to prove, but the you whose presence requires no validation. 

In her thoughtful and penetrating style, Suzette explains why: 

  • the who behind who you are has nothing to prove, but everything to be
  • the invitation to the room qualifies you to be in it
  • the struggle isn't with others as much as it is with yourself
  • writing a different definition of what makes you enough is essential

...and much more

More About Suzette

On March 17th, Suzette started her podcaster journey. At the time, she knew nothing about podcasting except she wanted a platform where she could speak to a broader audience.  Everyone who has downloaded, subscribed and commented have been an integral part of her journey. Together, you've downloaded this podcast 943 times! Not too shabby for Season One!

She's taking a break for a few months, but look for Season Two the Spring of 2020.  In the interim, she and her team will be talking to subscribers and listeners to hear about what they enjoyed, what they didn't, and what topics they'd like to see featured as well as exploring other ways to make this podcast even more relevant.  

Things that made me go hmmm

"I created this situation because I didn't know my value so I let my insecurity bully me into submitting."

"When you're trapped in a mindset of performance, you don't really know the difference between the performer you and the Being you."

"You are not what you do, you are the brilliance behind it."

"When someone asks 'who are you,' it's how you answer the 'I am' that makes all the difference."  

"The struggles as well as the celebrations are to help you to get clearer and clearer about the everything that you bring into this life space."

"If Life offers you the seat, Life has already decided that you belong.  It's your work to find out why Life offered you the seat.  Because if you don't do the work to find out why Life offered you the seat, you will not fully own your space."

References Mentioned

India.Aire song "I Am Light"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL-gxfx2QtY

"What follows I am is what will be."--Joel Olsteen (His book, The Power of I Am, https://www.amazon.com/Power-Am-Words-Change-Today/dp/0892969989)

Enoughness Reminder

You don't need to prove your enoughness, you simply have to own it.  

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