Enough Factor Podcast

S1-E9: Knowing Your True Worth Beyond Abuse and Violence

May 12, 2019

In the middle of abuse and violence, Veronica Pryor-Faciane decided enough was enough! In this episode, she shares her compelling story of triumph over incest and sexual abuse and how she found the strength to break free.  If you've ever wondered if you'll ever break free from the guilt and shame of abuse and violence, Veronica's story will awaken you to your true worth and help you go from worrier to warrior. 

In this episode, Veronica talks about

  • The discovery of her true mission and how it helped her overcome and move forward from past abuses and violence
  • Where her determination came from after abuse
  • How she decided enough was enough in the midst of abuse and violence 
  • How it's possible to reframe your thoughts and change your mindset in order to move forward peacefully
  • Her book God’s Diamond in the Rough and how her upcoming city tour changes the conversation about mental health

Things that made us go hmm

From Suzette:

“Conversion is the conversion of the mind.”

“You can’t give people what you don’t have.”

“There has to be something more powerful inside of you that calls out for your breakthrough.”

From Veronica:

“I knew that there had to be more in life than just existing.”

“Their why doesn’t matter to me. I matter more than their why.”

“Don’t negate your story.”

“Look at people at face value, but don’t look to people to give you value.”

Enoughness Reminder

If you have been abused or violated, it is not your fault.  Just the same, that 5 year old, 10 year old, 25 year old abused you cannot heal without your taking deliberate action to reclaim her true worth.  Veronica's story is a testimony that you don't have to let abuse and violence define you.  Get deliberate about your mental health and don't accept anything less than knowing your true worth.

About Veronica Pryor-Faciane

Veronica Pryor-Faciane is the CEO/Founder of New ID Life Coaching LLC. This wife and mother of four beautiful children authored the newly released book entitled God’s Diamond in The Rough (released March 2019). She is also a phenomenal Transformational Speaker and Life Coach. Her mission is to assist as a guide for others to develop a successful roadmap towards their NEW ID and not the identification that was given to them by their parents, environment or various societal factors. This passion was invoked after developing a warrior and not worrier mindset, overcoming 28 years of incest, financial, physical, spiritual and domestic violence suffered at the hands of her birth-father who was a minister.

References mentioned

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  • Upcoming Atlanta Tour
  • God's Diamond in the Rough Book

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