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S1-E12: Heartbreak Is Not A Life Sentence

June 2, 2019

Kicking off my Recovering From Divorce Series is Voice Actor, International Public Speaker and The World's #1 Master Trainer on Relationship Sales Dynamics, Spike Spencer. In this episode, Spike shares his heartbreak at discovering his then-wife with his best friend, moving past the anger and internal blocks, to learning to cook with the right ingredients to attract the right partner.  Listen as Spike explains the something that has to click so heartbreak doesn't become a life sentence.    

In this episode, Spike and Suzette talk about:

  • Why heartbreak is not a life sentence but merely a stepping stone to richer relationships
  • Understanding that failure works for you not against you
  • This reality: to attract a strong woman, he has to become a strong man
  • The importance of a man knowing his way around the kitchen

Things that made us go hmmm

From Spike:

“That’s what God needed to give me. It actually happened for me, not to me.”

“In order to attract a strong woman, you have to become a strong man. And it's not a fake phony strength, it's got to be something strong, solid and internal.”

“A man who has stopped growing has stopped being attractive.”

“You attract where you are.”

“If you want to find the woman of your dreams, you better become the man of hers.”

From Suzette:

“You don’t need to change your message, you need to change your tribe.”

“If I'm going to fall as long as I fall forward I'm still going in the right direction."

About Spike Spencer

Spike Spencer created Relationship Sales Dynamics - a fusion of dating techniques and business training. Through his Clear. Connect. Close. process, Spike helps entrepreneurs, business owners, couples and families connect better and move forward in their businesses and personal lives. Spike was featured in the Netflix docu-series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Being Dad” and he is the author of the upcoming book, FoodGame: A Man’s Ultimate Recipe For Dating Success.

References Mentioned:

Enoughness Reminder

No matter how you slice it, divorce is devastating.  The pulling apart can be brutal.  At the same time, the heartbreak need not be a life sentence. Accepting that it is over and moving on requires being strong enough to shift the focus from who was wrong and who gets what to healing your heart so you can move on to the richer life - and even love - that awaits.  

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