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S1-E10: REST - Release Every Situation Totally!

May 19, 2019

Have you ever felt uncomfortable being around people, avoided or cancelled appointments at the last minute or your mind “bugging” as if it’s on hyperdrive? In this episode, Cynthia White, a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, and Mental Health Advocate joins Suzette as they talk about how mental health should be acknowledged as an important issue in our society. Cynthia and Suzette share their thoughts on what healthy habits should be incorporated into our routine for us to live our life by design and not by default. Tune in as Cynthia shares her personal battle with mental illness and how she became her own advocate.

In this episode, Suzette and Cynthia talk about

  • Cynthia’s journey from going through a mental health illness to coming to terms with her condition  
  • The factors that actually contribute to mental health illnesses
  • Various types of mental health illnesses
  • Rest and other healthy habits as important factors in maintaining one’s mental health and helping us to have a healthier and fuller life

Things that made us go hmm

From Suzette:

“So many things can cause you to have mental health challenges.”

“We’re doing ourselves a disservice when we don’t rest.”

From Cynthia:

“Just as mental illness is real, so is recovery.”

“We know, yes, God can heal, but you can also use medicine.”

“If the God of the universe could sleep after he created everything that he created, why can’t we?”

“We don’t hustle. We don’t grind. We simply align.”

References mentioned

  • Cynthia White & Associates Website
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  • Cynthia White Facebook
  • Rest & Build: A 31-Day Journey to Restore Your Soul and Design a Life That Matters Book

Enoughness Reminder

Recovering is just as real as mental illnesses themselves. It may be a huge challenge to accept that your brain is not functioning the way it was designed to but professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists can help you figure out what’s really going on. Hustling and grinding may be important for us to live, but resting is just as important in order to preserve our mental health.

About Cynthia White

Cynthia White is the CEO/Founder of Cynthia White and Associates LLC. This speaker, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and mental health advocate has helped business professionals and entrepreneurs to showcase their brands visually from the inside out. As someone who survived a mental illness herself, Cynthia’s work with her company, Remarkable Living Institute,  helps women live their lives as intended by design and not by default. A proud mother of three adult children, Cynthia and her husband James, who is also a pastor, live in Cary, North Carolina. Cynthia exudes peace and elegance through her love of tea, crafting, flowers, and animal print.

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