Enough Factor Podcast

S2-E10: Courageous Living

May 31, 2020

Her name says it all!  Courage Molina is a force of Good-God in a pint size frame!  With an unapologetic message about God’s love and the courage it takes to live an authentic spiritual life, Courage is shaking up religiosity of taking notes from someone else’s sermon to inspiring others to open the Word of God for themselves! 

In our power-packed interview, Courage and I have an honest conversation about our 2012 life-altering experiences with loss yet the profound call to courageous living that is ongoing.  We talk about:

  • How heaven and hell can be going on simultaneously in your life
  • When you do what God tells you to do yet things don’t go as you thought they would
  • Questioning the value of your own life
  • The grief of the life you have not lived yet
  • The process of letting go of the idea of you so the real you can live
  • Letting go of what you think you need in order for you to find out you already have it

…and much more.

Living courageously isn’t just what Courage does, it’s who she is.  She passionately shares the message of confidence and courage through faith in God based on the Word of God.  She has declared war on depression, doubt, fear, divorce and complacency.  In her book, POWER PRINCIPLES COURAGEOUS LIVING: HOW I OVERCAME DEPRESSION AND TOOK BACK MY LIFE.”  She shares her testimony along with the principles that completely transformed her way of thinking and her life.  She also coaches women in applying these principles in their life through her Courage Mastermind Program. Courage University, Dose of Courage Podcast and the Courage Crusaders Community and Resource Library are all designed to provide additional support and guidance to Courage Crusaders all over the world.

You can’t listen to this episode without feeling bolder, more confident and courageous enough to go after everything that’s yours!



Courage Molina is based in Charlotte NC

Email: mogulmolina@gmail.com

Courage’s Website


Courage’s Book

“Power Principles Courageous Living: How I Overcame Depression and Took Back my Life”


Courage’s Facebook


Courage’s Instagram


Courage’s YouTube


Dose of Courage Podcast




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